Question for SX50 owners,...Why?

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Re: Question for SX50 owners,...Why?

I think it's a really good question Sir. I've had mine (SX 50) for about three weeks now, and is working on a mini review. I won't lie to You: I did order the SX 40 Yesterday!

After six years with my S5 IS, F 2.7, and more than 30.000 captions it was time for a new camera (the S5 still lives). I went for this 50x zoom and didn't realize how bad this was for MY purposes. I've taken some stunning shots with the SX 50 at the end of the tele. I can take picures at higher ISO speeds as well. But at the wide angle it's not nice: poor focus (can't find it at all) and very distorted. Forget about details.

Two days ago I took serveral pictures with both S5 IS and SX 50, and it's not a funny verdict: despite the evoulution and superior electronics in the SX 50, my old S5 comes out with superior details at the general purpose use. I want that new technology, but I still want my 2.7 lens - hence: I ordered a SX 40.

The benefits of the SX 50 is that huge zoom and the RAW support (that really saves the day for this camera I'd say). I'm working a lot with my pictures, and I imagine the everyday 'point-and-shooter' will be really happy about the SX 50 and all it's features. The Zoom is fun and more than usuable, like I said: it's on the outer end of the tele You begin to have really good looking pictures with a nice soft 'outta focus' background.

Hunting birds, I'd pick the SX 50 above all the other cameras. For the price You want get better camera. Everyday use, creating any automode pictures will fit any family album and look good. At 25 %  almost any picture will look good. It's fun and responsive, but it doesn't suit my needs. I like to bring details from faces and take a lot of pictures with a close range focus and a soft backgroud, not only at the end of the tele.

Well, I think I'd just wrote part of my mini review that I've had in mind (Did I say my brand new SX 50 is for sale?). Read this right: the SX 50 can and will produce DSLR-like pictures under certain circumstances, but I need that 2.7 lens!

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Regards /Zuchov

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