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talico wrote:

andrewsf wrote:

Perhaps you just need to learn to process the images or light the subject better? Saying a camera captures too much detail is almost the dumbest thing I've ever read on this gear obsessed forum.

If that is almost the dumbest thing you have ever heard then you haven't been in this forum very long. I've personally made much dumber statements than that.  In fact here goes another attempt.

The OP has a real point.  If you don't shoot professionally you might not see it.  Or if you take smaller batches of photos you might not care. I take a lot of portraits 300+ people a year in two large groups. I'll be honest, you take a 5D MKIII and you pair it with a 70-200 MKII Studio lights at f 5.6, man that adds up to  a lot of post processing.  Some how I ended up going from being a part time photographer to a full time dermatologist.  If you are shifting from 5D to 6D, the AF and MP can make an impact on your throughput.

I just suck it up though and am glad they aren't blurry.  I can't retake them, so getting it as accurately as possible the first time is important to me.  Even if it means more PP.

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You can batch process a lot of things. Skin smoothing is especially easy to batch process.

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