Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

I don't see how the shut-down option is any more or less tedious in the past.

Windows 7: Move mouse to lower left corner of the screen > CLICK the Start Menu > Move mouse to shutdown options > CLICK to shut down OR CLICK drop down menu > CLICK for Restart or Sleep (2 mouse motions, 2-3 clicks)

Windows 8: Move mouse to lower right corner of the screen > Move mouse to Settings charm > CLICK Settings charm > Move mouse to power icon > CLICK power icon > CLICK for Shutdown, Restart, or Sleep  (3 mouse motions, 3 clicks)

Is it really that much more difficult?

Actually it takes precisely 'one-click' to shut down windows 8. All you do is click either the 'shutdown' 'sleep' or 'restart' tiles that you have put on your Windows 8 start menu.

I will be the first to admit that I didnt initially give the 'metro start menu' a chance and installed start 8. Two weeks later start8 is gone as I have found it totally redundent.

The useful links in the start menu from Win 7 I have simply added to the windows metro start menu - control panel, command prompt, shut down, sleep, restart etc all in their own group (It is very simple - create a shortcut on your desktop, right click and pin to start menu. You can effectively add absolutely any link you like as a tile.

I am still slightly underwhelmed with the metro apps but I can see their potential. You can create say a tile for Liverpool FC if you are a supporter that includes latest news in the press, stats etc. I think reading say newspapers will be a lot better with apps.

So I have fully embraced windows 8 and now think it is simply fantastic as well as intuitive.

I would also point out that I have bought the Logitech 'touchpad' which gives you full access to all Windows 8 gestures. I still use a mouse for photoshop and gaming. If I want to use a mouse why not buy a touch mouse? I did - microsoft - but instead of doing both mouse and gestures well it did them both badly. I would definitely look into it rather than buying a desktop touch screen - it makes far more sense.

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