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Re: Simple for me

1. Size weight and unobtrusiveness for 'street' or people shooting, which I wanted to try.

2. The registry distance of my Canon would not allow me to use my number of good manual focus Minolta lenses (which I've added to since).

3. Having had a high end digicam, besides my other cameras, I got used to seeing a live histogram on the EVF 'before' the shot, and found it invaluable...and because the EVF indicated scene brightness gave a feel for the finished photo. Yes OVFs also have strengths that EVFs lack.

4. For my type of shooting (although I like limiting DOF occasionally - I use extended DOF more, so while realizing that that option was available on larger formats, I didn't find it limiting so much for my style of shooting).

5. For other types of shots, have other formats available, including film. ..but like the "balance" of M43.

6. Found focusing for considered shots very accurate, but not fast or able to track as well a DSLR. (I think the 'fast' part has been addressed in later models of M43 than mine)

7. With my 12mp sensor, low light shooting isn't a priority, and if it is, I've got quite a few flash units, which I find interesting in learning to use. For practical purposes the newer 16mp M43 sensors seem to be making up some of the gap, in 'real world' situations between M43 and larger least for many applications and uses.

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