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Re: What I Like on D200 & D300

hval wrote:

jfriend00 wrote

My point was that I'm better off with two cameras a D300 and NEX.  One optimized for max IQ, low light, action shooting - the other optimized for small and portable, but still a very quality sensor.

If you try to put both optimizations into the same camera, you get an albatross that is best at none.  If you are only going to buy one camera, then you just have to decide which tradeoffs you want to favor.

I agree totally with what you write.  Is why I am willing to accept the size and weight of the D200 and D300.  I like them, they are robust and they do me.  I sacrifice on size and weight and accept that.

Me, I value good handling (and a couple of other things) that goes with larger cameras. I never want to sacrifice that. D300 size is the very minimum, the smallest, I'd accept for my main camera.

Ideally, I like the good camera + small camera approach. I carry my good camera every time I go out with intention to shoot, and small camera when I don't plan it but just in case. The only problem is that you want something truly small (not smaller), it means that it needs to be pocketable which scratches of all the interchangeable lens cameras off the list. Long term, I think cellphones will do the trick for the truly compact camera. You carry just one device instead of two. Nokia 808 is showing clearly what's needed to make the cellphone with good camera - larger sensor, smaller pixels and sharp lens.

I actually find the size of the Leica M240 a really good size for me.

It's still pretty large, but it doesn't have the handling of the modern DSLR, since its shape is inspired by your average brick, only with rounded off edges.

Unfortunately it just does not do what I want Very well.

It doesn't do what a lot of people want, but it does mount some nice lenses. Still waiting for something that will give me the quality of Leica 50/1.4. Maybe the new Zeiss will do just that (as they claim it will).

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