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Re: Does Melissa "Gloss Over" Image Noise ?

Detail Man wrote:

... also don't get too wrapped up in the whole display/output profile gamma. They are two different things.

Could you explain that further ? It seems like you have stated that the gamma-correction funtion that is applied to the CR/LR (preview) display is solely determined by the particular (OS recognized) color-space that the (utilized) system output profile exists as a set of "tweaks" to. Right ?

Well, you have to separate ACR & LR ACR, you must choose a Workflow Options color space and the preview (and histogram & readouts) will be in that chosen color space.

In LR, it'a  bit different. While the ACR/LR working space is the same (ProPhoto RGB linear gamma) LR doesn't alter the image preview based on any external settings unless you turn on the Soft Proof option.

As a result, ACR will show the main image preview in the final output space set in the workflow option, LR will only shouw the image preview based on the PP RGG Linear>display profile only (again with soft proofing turned off).

The only time this really makes any difference is when viewing an image outside of a color managed workflow–otherwise, it's a rabbit hole not worth going down.

Otherwise, I really don't think it's worth worrying about the gamma differences...color management takes care of gamma corrections.

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