SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Re: SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

JosephScha wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Buddy, you are the very type of people digimatt was referring to -  you have no clue.

That is not helpful, and borders on offensive.

You are right, that was somewhat uncalled for. My grip with you was that you held out to be an expert yet you have some quite significant misunderstanding of the matters in hand. I also  replied to you in another thread where you claimed m43's AF is as good as FFDSLR. In anycase i apologise for being harsh.

Which of the following camera has more DR?

36mp D800 or 16mp D4?

16mp D7000 or 12mp D300s?

24mp D600 or 12mp D3s?

16mp OMD or 12mp GF3?

I have not done the research to answer these questions.  Since you're asking, I'll guess that the 16MP D7000 (from 2010) has more dynamic range than the 12MP D300s (from 2009).  However, since the D300s has a crop factor of about 1.6 it actually does have smaller sensor sites than a full frame 16MP sensor, and it's from a year before the D7000, so that example does not prove your point.

In each case above two cameras have the same sized sensor (for example both D300s and D7000 have x1.5 APS-C sensor); in each the camera with higher MP has more DR.

That does not however mean higher MP always result in more DR, I was simply showing you that "less mp / bigger pixel means more DR" is fallacious.

I used to when I bought film.  In fact, I used to when it was ASA here (before ISO).

The definition of ISO has never changed, ISO is somewhat misunderstand in the age of digital photography. You should read this article for a comprehensive explanation:

Since you claim that I don't know what exposure is all about, are you really saying that a normal 50mm lens on full frame and an equivalent coverage 25mm lens on 4/3 sensor would require different f stops with the cameras set to the same ISO?  If so, please try to prove it. I will enjoy that.

The answer to this question require a better understanding of what "ISO" is, I suggest you read that article I linked above and then we can continue this discussion.

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