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Guy Parsons
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Re: OT, backups ..... Jeff......

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

Wow, what a job. Don't tell me you have one of those fire proof safe boxes on the sidewalk, where you store a backup. I remember in the 70's the company I was working for, had a safe outside the building, to protect a "5 Meg" backup of the company's data.

As much as 5 megs? Those were the days.

No safe here, just move stuff around when I think there's a risk.

My last employer before I retired early about 25 years ago was DEC and a really big VAX computer had 16 megs of memory, the base model was 4 megs. Used to work OK with maybe a hundred dumb terminals connected. Now we can't survive with less than 8 gigs of memory in a notebook it seems and endless storage Terabytes.

As for Sylkypix, do you use the full version? or the Panasonic SE version. How do you like it? How would you compare it to Viewer?

Full V5 Pro version, been using since V2 came in English and updated along the way. That's a great thing about Silkypix, endless updates as they promptly add new cameras and the latest was an update to better handle those peculiar Fuji sensors I think it was. They just keep coming. And a long time between major version updates that need more Yen.

Meanwhile I did buy Corel AfterShot Pro when it was $29.99 and I think it's even a bit better than Silkypix at default settings, extremely fast to develop RAWs but sadly the slothful Corel has not yet added the E-PL5 to the list, boo hiss!

Over the years Silkypix has been cheaper to own than any Adobe product and in my trials works better than Lightroom except for the fact it not quite as good as Lightroom for recovering extreme highlights, that makes me expose more sensibly.

The default settings provide a slightly better looking jpeg than the camera or Viewer 2/3 can provide. Just nicer colours, better looking skin tones, but it is close. With a bit of tinkering then it is definitely better than Viewer.

Cable is still the way to go. I wired my house with CAT-6 wiring. To access the internet, all my devices are on wifi, but for transferring data between devices, gigabit is the way to go.

Cat-5 here for the few cables run, fast enough for anything large I do. WiFi mostly though for everyday tinkering on the 'net. Now my monster 250 gig initial whole partition backup is done then it reverts to those little 30 minute updates so is easier to manage and WiFi will handle that OK.

Regards........ Guy

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