Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

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Re: Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

Thank you guys for the your detailed replies. Much appreciated. Just to clarify, I am currently shooting with sRGB setting in my camera, not adobe sRGB which is an available desire for a wide gamut is to be able to have the option in the future..I am not going to spend another $1000 anytime soon on a monitor that's for sure.

The things is, reading your comments, and your links, made me a bit confused. Does using a wide gamut monitor like DELL's 2413 affects my current sRGB work-flow in a negative way (e.g. introduce color banding, etc..)? Can't I set the monitor to be standard sRGB only for the time being and only use its wide gamut capability when needed??

All I need really, is (1) to be able to see my photos as real as possible...with a budget of ~$700. (2) to be future proof at least for 2 yrs considering that my photography skills are hugely improving with time as I am dedicating a lot of time for a hobby though, not making money nor thinking about making money out of it in the future. But I know for sure, that I will start printing for my own collection..that's why I am eager to get a solid monitor and start doing real editing.

Thanks guys...

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