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Re: Does Melissa "Gloss Over" Image Noise ?

Jeff Schewe,

From browsing through some of your recent DPReview posts I came across this clarification:

Jeff Schewe wrote:

Just to be clear, I'm not an Adobe engineer...I don't work for Adobe (although I sometimes work with them) and I don't do code...

Now that I'm aware of the specifics of your association, I'll word my future writings accordingly.

Regards, DM


Detail Man wrote:

From quoted text attributed by Sean McCormack to Adobe's Jeff Schewe:

Lightroom (and Camera Raw) uses a "working space" (meaning the processing
color space) of Pro Photo chomaticities (colors) and a linear gamma (1.0 gamma).

Martin is correct to call LR's working space as linear, but (and this is
where it gets confusing), "Melissa RGB" (the color space coined by Mark
Hamburg) isn't the processing space of LR/CR but the display space in Develop.

Melissa RGB does indeed have the Pro Photo chomaticities but the gamma is
actually that of sRGB and the ONLY place where Melissa RGB is used is for
the Develop histogram and the color readouts.

So, Lightroom's internal processing space is ProPhoto RGB in a linear gamma
(1.0), but Melissa RGB is ProPhoto RGB with an sRGB tone curve. Also note
that the sRGB tone curve is not a simple gamma curve but is a tweaked curve
based on gamma 2.2 but with the toe adjusted.
Jeff Schewe

- Sean Mccormack, 11 May 2008, 1:55 am:

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