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Re: Means little

Jorginho wrote:

The obvious question is:

- What causes lower demand?

Regardless of the cause, lower demand is lower demand.

- Is it the economy?

That probably has something to do with it, although smartphone sales continue to increase despite the global recession.

- Is it the economy in certain places?

- Is it a ongoing trend of lacking interest in ILC camera's?

Hopefully demand will increase. However, I think it is clear that these are difficult times for camera companies.  The combination of lower demand for ILCs and increased mirrorless competition is reason for concern, and I think it is foolish to pretend otherwise.  I think MFT is well positioned versus other formats, but the next couple of years are going to be difficult.

5 periods most likely cannot get you anything significant.

How many iPhones and iPads were sold in the first 5 quarters after they were launched? What was their impact on Apple's competitors in those 5 quarters?  How many quarters did it take the BlackBerry to go from being a highly profitable company to one that is fighting for survival? How long did it take Samsung to go from being a minor player in the smartphone industry to the top seller? In highly dynamic industries with disruptive technology, five quarters is a long time.

You need to have data over a longer time to say anything about a trend. Is the low last quarter a low that won't be eclipsed in the next 5 years or is it just a sign of a continuing downward trend. We cannot possibly know.

Financial results for the most recent quarter will be released by most camera companies in early May. Let's hope for the best.

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