Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

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Re: Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

mosswings wrote:

KenHanson wrote:

Terrific review - seems like a great camera.

Under Pros for the D7100, you wrote it had "in-camera raw processing." There is some confusion about the meaning of this point.

Did you mean that it processes the raw data to produce JPEG output images or it processes the raw data to produce raw output images?

The first interpretation is hardly unusual for DLSRs so it wouldn't seem worth mentioning as a good point. I read it as "in-camera processing for the raw output file," which would be worth noting, but contradictory to the meaning of raw.

Related to this question is whether the in-camera setting for noise reduction can affect the raw output files? I would have said no, but you comment made me wonder.

Modern Nikons can convert an (actually save another) image stored as a pure RAW file into a JPEG file with several editing and rendering options totally within the camera.  This can be useful if you decide, for example, that you want to upload a JPG, suitably cropped or rendered, to a computer or a social networking site, or to display for a client.

Yes, I know all that. I guess I didn't make myself clear. My question is whether the D7100 does any processing on the data that it outputs as the raw file?

The statement in the review seems to indicate that it may, which contradicts my understanding that the raw files contains the sensor measurements without any processing, except possibly to compress the data.

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