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Re: OT, backups ..... Jeff......

Guy Parsons wrote:

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

I only have 2 1TB drives. I can imagine the pain of backing up 3 3TB drives.

Heh heh, eventually I will have 4 x 3TB or maybe more.... that should last for a year or two.

I decided to make the NAS my main drive, so I don't have to go trough backups again. Using Raid 1, gives me one safe backup.

Using WiFi mostly in the house so the NAS is too slow to use as a working drive, so I treat it purely as a monster backup device or a file swap device between computers (not all necessarily turned on at any one time) instead of using Dropbox which would slurp up monthly quota.

Each computer has a USB drive attached for a local backup every 30 mins and when the NAS is on (often is off) then the "final" backups happen at again 30 minute intervals. I use SyncBack set to backup at that 30 min interval to whatever device is on or plugged in.

Long winded process these days, I take RAW+jpeg and download all that to my notebook, then Silkypix the RAWs and pass the jpegs (via NAS mostly) to Lyn where she culls and adds in her photos to a monster day dated folder set for the cameras, then adds some naming to the dated folders to make things easier to find, then that all gets backed up to now it must be to 6 or so places. When we leave the house we usually take one of the USB drives that has everything on it (about 750 gig for the house in total files capacity and growing).

Wow, what a job. Don't tell me you have one of those fire proof safe boxes on the sidewalk, where you store a backup. I remember in the 70's the company I was working for, had a safe outside the building, to protect a "5 Meg" backup of the company's data.

As for Sylkypix, do you use the full version? or the Panasonic SE version. How do you like it? How would you compare it to Viewer?

She has thousands of hours of research in her family tree stuff so that must be safe, more so than all our images.

The NAS of course is the ultimate store so for extended time away we would move that little box to somewhere safe.

Yes, about WiFi speed, I never used to worry much but prompted by you I did dig out the cable from behind the TV and the what was maybe another 7 or so hours estimated for WiFi backup dropped to 1.5 hours for cable. So I won't rip out the cabling just yet from the house.

Regards...... Guy

Cable is still the way to go. I wired my house with CAT-6 wiring. To access the internet, all my devices are on wifi, but for transferring data between devices, gigabit is the way to go.

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