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gollywop wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

gollywop wrote:

For better or for worse, I have just published a new article: Color Management - a Walkthrough. It can be found at

So I reiterate. You describe a situation:

You've just taken a shot of a fire engine, and, behind the scenes, it is captured in the raw data. But you want an OOC jpeg to show Junior. ...

Who the hell is Junior ?

By the way, do you like it better now?

Haven't really poked through it looking for changes. Good that you added Bruce Lindbloom's site. Have seen a place or two where it seems that you may have re-worked the language a bit.

The nitty-gritty of when color-management really matters most is (perhaps) where it fails to exist. Thus, the matter of many image-viewers and browsers still not recognizing and making the necessary adjustments pertaining to the display monitor's color-profile becomes a case by case miasma to attempt to discover information about and to subsequently decode.

Every time that I have endeavored to research color management on the interent (particularly with respect to internet browsers), I have become nauseated with the plethora of incomplete and sometimes conflicting (complicated by particular version-dependent) "information".

The mentality where it comes to in-depth and relevant information surrounding browsers is largely one where "the new" is all that is perceived to ever matter. Add that to the fact that all too little in the way of web-pages are identified by their date of creation (or last editing), and a real live mess that approaches useless (for the lone internet researcher) can rapidly evolve ...

Such a situation hardly encourages the in-depth understanding of such relatively esoteric matters, and a positive feeback-loop evolves from the fact that many have become accustomed to assuming that other people (surely must) have thought all these things through. Add proprietary application marketing hype, free browser applications, and there often exists all too little coherence to be found.

The limited attention-span, focus only upon "the new", the dearth of dated web-page documents, and the persistence of obsolete information on the internet does not say much for the internet's potential as a (necessarily) viable information source for any but the most simple and visceral of subjects.

Case in point: gear-head forums. Thus, your studious and thoughtful contributions are appreciated !

DM ...

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