umbrella or softbox for travelling?

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Genes Pentax wrote:

If you prefer softbox light, check out Diffuser-60 and Diffuser-50 from SMDV.  The setup and take down is as quick as folding up an umbrella.  It's sturdier and gives better/softer light than an umbrella.  Carrying case makes it easy to carry around.  Super convenient.  Been using it for a few months now and they got some good reviews as well. If you prefer something even smaller, they have 40cm size also which I'm seriously considering getting for use around the house while chasing kids.

I finally gave into the temptation and got Diffuser-40.  Very portable and small.  Here's a self portrait with it.  I'm using it to take pictures of kids inside the house ... one hand is the camera and the other hand is the light.  I like the way the photos are coming out ... nice and soft light. Pretty cool.  Diffuser-60 is too big to use it this way.  But the Diffuser-40 softbox is perfect.  Very quick to open up as well as closing it up.  I might actually consider taking this with me on an airplane when I go visit my brother.

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