Any thing wrong with using AF-C permanently?

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best move

oklaphotog wrote:

JCB123 wrote:

Assign the AEL/AFL button as AF ON, and leave the camera in AF-C mode permanently. For continuous AF keep the AF ON button pressed. For focus and re-compose press the AF ON to focus, then release it and recompose. The shutter button does not activate AF at all.



This definitely works and there is nothing wrong with it if it is comfortable for you.....

But it is extremely awkward for those of us who have used AF cameras for years using the shutter button for focus when there was no such thing as an AF ON button (I've used one for 25 years). This technique for many is like an American trying to drive in England in an RHD vehicle on "the wrong side" of the road. Using your thumb to AF gets even more awkward if you want to change focus points and have to keep moving it from the focus point selector to an AF ON button. This becomes even worse when your face is planted to against the camera and you are shooting in manual mode and also trying to manipulate the rear exposure wheel in addition. Dealing with three controls all the time with just your thumb while it bumps your cheek can be annoying. It's much more comfortable for me to focus with index finder on the shutter and select points on the fly with your thumb when needed.

I personally had many of the difficulties you describe here. I to spent near 25 years never using back-button focus. Upon the recommendation of others, I spent a month getting use to AF-ON with the D7000. I know can not go back and find just using the shutter release very awkward.

Personally I cannot see any reason to permanently leave AF-C on after years of shooting the traditional way and switching modes when needed. I never have focus issues with AF-S. With the fact that many compositions may require focusing and recomposing on top of the awkwardness for many people when dealing with an AF-ON button as the only means to solve that problem, it seems to be more hassle than it's worth.

I too though that...switching to AF-ON focus has been one of the best moves I've made. Everyone's mileage will vary though

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