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YES! Re: Consider selling E-M5 for E-P5?

Laszlo13 wrote:

It seems there's quite a bit of interest in the E-P5, but enough for people to considering selling the E-M5 for E-P5?

I LOVE my E-M5, but don't use the viewfinder all that much. Really miss being able to put my E-P1 with 20mm pancake in a large pant or jacket pocket.
I have thought lately about getting one of the good E-P3 values around.

But the E-P5 has the fantastic 16mp sensor, the awesome IBIS, I can retire my clunky Eye-Fi card, has built in flash for night time social pics, FRONT command dial (yay!!) Cleaner, even more vintage retro styling. It's still not as pretty as a the Fuji X cams, nor has the awesome manual controls of the Fujis, but the Fujis are a bit too big and APS-C scale lenses are too big for my portable use, they lack IBIS and there just isn't the fantastic range and value of lenses that MFT has.
I think this a GREAT new PEN. I should wait to see the real deal to be sure, but I'll say if this turns out like it looks like it will?? I say WELL DONE OLYMPUS!! And will certainly consider trading in my E-M5 or selling some Nikon lenses to get the new E-P5. Now if it has a new, higher rez VF on the back that doesn't stick up like the E-M5? I WILL be selling the EM-5.

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