Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

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Re: Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

brucet wrote:

Why is it that everyone looks at the 'quality' of the output at extremes with a new camera rather than the 'new' features that make taking the photo easier for some.

For me it's not all about 'quality'. Yeah it's very important. But other features such as 5 shot bracketing are more important. For me. Plus some other goodies. 24 meg gives me more cropping ability. 51 point. etc etc etc.

There's more to a new camera, or an old one for that matter, than JUST pixel peeping at EXTREME examples. It's about the journey. How you take the photo.



I don't know who precisely you're referring to when you say everyone; I don't see everyone (even in this post) looking at the IQ at the extremes. Quite the contrary.

If you're specifically talking about me mentioning the noise pattern though, it is really simple. I'm looking at it because I have to deal with it with my kind of photography. It's the same as 5 shot bracketing (as an example) for you. Because it matters for your kind of photography.

I do agree with you though in the sense that judging camera performance for parameters that have no relevance for one's photography to be practically pointless...or for conversational purposes at best.

Each of us has his own needs in camera gear. D7100 is a good camera in many/most aspects.


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