Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

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Re: Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

Schwany wrote:

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

As regards Positioning, as mentioned above by Photokhan...

BMW are one of the most admired companies in the world and are THE most admired company in Ireland, apparently.

How about the cars though? They are not among the top ten for reliability. The No.1 in this part of the world is the Honda Accord (which is why I drive one).

It shows the power of marketing though.

It's like the Canon 1D mark iv, which I have myself. Everyone knows that the AF if fantastic, except that it isn't. It's pretty good but not fantastic.. The AF on the 1Dsiii and the 1Dsii is just as good.

My 1DsMkII is far better than my 1DMkIV. Could just be a one off situation or the way I use the cameras, but is smokes the new body at everything focus related.

that is like saying model T Ford automobiles beat the latest models in bumper test, which is true but what does that really mean? and i find your statement " My 1DsMkII is far better than my 1DMkIV" seems a bit exaggerated, don't you think so?

Regarding BMW. The motorcycles are actually good, and built well. (insert list of BMW motorcycles I've owned over the years here) I have relatives with the cars, and they are not happy about maintaining them after warranty, since that's when expensive things really start to break.

BMW's success is marketing and design, which translates into prestige for the owner, sort of like Apple, except without the iPod. he he

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