To sell my D7000 and lens or not? Have the EM-5

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Re: To sell my D7000 and lens or not? Have the EM-5

ChipD wrote:

jquagga wrote:

Having camera's so good you can't decide if you need both of them is a good problem to have though :).

Yes,  that is the dilemma.  It's not like I'm comparing a so-so camera with another so-so camera.  I think the D7000 is a truly great camera.  I think the Em-5 is a truly great camera also.

Well maybe I'll sell the 70-200 and 24-120 and keep the D7000.   I can't believe I lugged that thing around Japan last year for a week trip.  I'm contemplating a trip to Europe for business, and the thought of lugging around the D7000 and 16-35 and 24-120 and 70-200 and batteries and chargers makes me want to check into a nursing home!!

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Chip D

When I go out, I try to make the decision of "am I going somewhere to be a photographer or a person with a camera just in case?".  If its the former, I'll consider bringing out the heavy gear (a backpack with the DSLR and 3-4 lenses).  If it's the latter its my wee m43 kit.  If I was on a business trip (I'm not the owner / boss of myself other than in my head!), I probably couldn't / wouldn't haul the DSLR (and my D5100 is smaller than your D7000).

In your case, I think it's the lenses that are crazy.  Sure, the 70-200 kicks the heck out of my 55-200 but the weight is another world (I wouldn't recommend the 55-200, but since you have the 70-300 ...).  I would think you'd get more for those lenses (especially with the "everyone must be full frame!!!!" crazy in Nikon world of late) than the D7000 body.

Then again, I'm only able to justify this as I have a GF5 which is performance wise behind the OM-D sensor.  So I can rationalize keeping the DSLR as it will still outperform the m43 kit.  If I had a OM-D, that might be a different story.

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