Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Re: Fuji Prices Are Too High.

If you consider comparable products, Fuji's prices are actually quite low for what you get. The aging 7D (originally sold for $1700) sells for $100 less than the $1400 XP1. The Sony NEX7 + OVF + EVF will cost you the same and your viewfinders are hotshoe mounted. It's not even a fair comparison. When it comes to glass you're getting top notch Fujinon lenses for a fraction of the price of Canon and Nikon's pro glass. Weather it's Fuji pushing to get their new product line out or what the market can handle, Fuji's cameras are priced on the lower end of the spectrum and their lenses are a steal.

Of course all of us wouldn't mind paying less and despite their value, they are not exactly cheap. So for all us who want Fuji colors and quality for less, look to Ebay. I wasn't using my 60mm so I sold it for $450. Someone got a great deal!

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