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Re: Let me get this straight Henry......

Collett wrote:

Don_D wrote:

Collett wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

Go and find out for yourself, you might even learn why 0bama likes W and why he has continued his policies.

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Rethink your last comment.

I) Obama likes Bush - er not so sure about that.  He needs Bush (as his scapegoat :-)) - but likes him? I doubt it...

II) Obama has continued Bush's policies.  - I Agree on many counts

III) You don't like Obama's policies.  I am pretty sure I have that one right

therefore... ?

iV) a) You did not like some of Bush's policies? or b) You like some of Obama's policies?

a, b. or ?

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At the library opening, Obama gave Bush credit for the immigration bill now working it's way through Congress.  He figured this would garner a few Republican votes.

Makes sense, and Bush II was pretty good at appealing to the Hispanic vote.  Better than most Republicans.

This shows that he would rather have the bill passed than take credit for it.  Clever and shows Obama's character.

I don't know Don.  I like Obama as much as any politician, more so than most, but he is a politician and they do often have ulterior motives that are more telling than their character.  Both parties want to get that Hispanic vote, and any form of political victory would be a plus for Obama that he could use as political capital.

All I said was that it shows Obama's character, I didn't say if this aspect was good or bad...

You're right of course, an immigration bill will benefit the Democrats more than the Republicans.

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