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WD green drives stink

philmar wrote:

ilysaml wrote:

Case is your own preference, but you're getting an expensive one.

Stay away from WD greens, you can get Seagate Barracuda, they are in 3TB as well, but 7200 RPM instead of 5900 with almost the same price.

I thought WD were more reliable than Seagate but i didn't realise the Seagates were 7200 RPM.  Thanks

It's not just the spindle speed... WD Green drives stink for a variety of reasons.

After around 8 seconds, they park the heads (in the interest of power savings), resulting a a very high load cycle count, depending on how the OS is accessing the drives.  IOW, the drive may park the heads after 8 seconds, and the OS may poll the drives after 30 seconds (requiring the drive to unpark the heads again), then the cycle keeps repeating (where you end up with continuous parking/unparking of the drive heads).

It's usually not as much of an issue in most Windows configs.  But, it's a huge issue with most Linux distributions, and I've also seen some Windows users report the same issues.  Since they're only rated for 300,000 load cycle counts over the life of the drive, you can easily exceed that number in less than a year in some cases (as I've personally seen with WD Green Drives that I've used).

If used in a RAID array, the WD Green drives also don't work well, because it takes them too long to perform error recovery (trying to map out potentially bad sectors in EEPROM), causing them to drop out of arrays and causing serious issues if more than one drive drops out due to errors during a rebuild.

If you want to use WD drives in a RAID Setup, go with WD Red drives instead (or just use "run of the mill" Seagate Barracuda drives instead, as they seem to work fine in those types of setups.

But, even if you're not using them in a RAID array or in a setup that causes excessive load cycle counts,  reliability appears to be questionable with WD Green Drives.

Every WD Green drive I've purchased so far as ended up with bad sectors (usually inside of only one year of use), where I ended up replacing them while I still could -- just because I was monitoring sector errors carefully.

I keep "kicking myself" for buying them to begin with (since I should have known better after the first time around, but was too tempted by the low prices of the Green models).

So, no more Green drives for me, period.

If you want to take your chances on them, more power to you. But, my data is too important to use those types of drives anymore.

Frankly, looking at available drive choices at right this minute for budget high capacity models, I'd probably opt for these Seagate 4TB models:

They're probably not speed demons (as they appear to be 5900rpm drives).  But, *all* of the customer reviews at so far have been positive (something you can't say for the WD Green drive models), and you'd get very a nice cost/TB  (especially considering that newegg has a promo code right now for $30 off the normal price, bringing the cost of a 4TB drive down to approx. $169.99 (which works out to approx. $43/TB).

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