Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

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Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

Just bought the Spyder4Elite. Windows 8 Enterprise x64, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 4000, Dual Xeon 6 Core. Video Drivers are 311.50 (latest)

Software installs no problem. Tray utility is running.. .when I try to launch the app, it keeps telling me I have no monitors installed... WTH?

Support told me to install as ADMIN. I mean, are these peeople really that dumb? THere is NO WAY to install software on Windows 8 without being admin. Duh!

But I did it anyway. THey also suggested I had to use the USB port next to the Keyboard or Mouse ... hahahaha. I have a wireless Kbd/Mouse... what is up with them?

Then they ignore that I am running the latest 4.5.4 version and they want me to install 4.5.4. This is a $200+ piece of hardware/software!!

BTW, It seems to break the power button on the Apple 30" Cinema Display!

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