Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re: Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

Adventsam wrote:

All new Sigma lens have Optical Stabilisation disabled, why? crazy.

Possibly it was sony marketing .."If you disable os we will not go about making compatability issues with your lenses no matter what the optical quality"?  I know of other sigmas where not only minolta/sony but also canon and nikon made 'issues' with lens compatability for sigma.

Many of their 'okay' lenses had no problems with functionality, but then a lens that out-performed the camera companies own offerings usually at a substantially lower price wouldnt stop down or auto-focus ect..  Alot of shooters(wasnt the first time) after the compatability problems with the a55/33 who had premium money in sigma lenses i am sure were looking to possibly 'bail' on sony.  How would sony keep  shooters with $1000's invested in glass when they didnt know that thier lenses were going to be compatable in future bodies?

....but now that i think of it, sigma can 'flash' new lenses but their are still many sigmas out there being used proffesionally and otherwise i suppose that cannot be flashed.

No idea really but it could be a  collective decision from sony and sigma to 'get along' and play nice with each other....same goes for canon/nikon, when sony is comming out with excellent glass(at a premium-and sigma can 'double-up on os/sss)...that can go an awful long way when it comes to proffesional photography and the overall dlsr/dlst market.- luring nikon canon shooters to sony*

Sony i feel is in it to compete with the best of the best in apsc and full-frame market....Yeah it sucks about os leaving sigma lenses on alpha bodies, but i think the trade -off of sss and alpha body and lenses now and in the future will be worth not being p-oed too much about. ???,brian

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