My review of the cardany_chan Leica M macro tube helicoid adapter

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Re: My review of the cardany_chan Leica M macro tube helicoid adapter

jerogo wrote:

Hi to all!

I have a question for those of you who use/used the cardanay_chan helicoid adapter.

I just received my second helicoid adapter (for my Nex-5n) a few days ago after I returned/exchanged my first one. The service was first class, cardany_chan send me a new one with no hassle. So no complains here.

The problem/reason I had to send it back was the following:

My nex-5n started to behave weird when using the helicoid with my CV 28F2. When I went into FocusPeaking mode, once I turned/moved the helicoid my camera suddenly jumped to the normal viewing mode (ie. without magnification). This happened independently of magnification (4.8x /9.5x). And though not always, most of the times. Strange thing is, it didn't behave this way from the first day I started using the helicoid.

Now, after I used my second helicoid adapter for a couple of days, my camera started to show the same strange behaviour exiting FocusPeaking mode without no reason. Just to be sure, I checked and my Nex-5n works flawlessly with my tow other normal (non-helicoid) M to e-mount adapters I have. It has also nothing to do with the time limit of the FocusPeaking settings, which I have set to 'no limit'

Has anybody experienced the same thing or similar? Any obvious or less obvious explanation for this behaviour? Maybe the helicoid adapter makes contact with the mount pins???

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



I just got the adapter and I can confirm that it does make the 5N go crazy! what should we do about this? I think the adapter on the normal mode touches the pins, that if i use on macro mode, nothing is wrong.

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