New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

philmar wrote:

I like to keep things that I don't know much about simple so i'll probably stick to the single SSD.

Indeed. RAID is not the easy path.

My thought on having the second SSD was to improve photo editing performance by having the LR/W8/PS cache on this second dedicated scratch disk. This strategy works for spindle disks and wasn't sure if any such gain is realized with SSDs. I certainly didn't plan on setting them up in any RAID.

The reason it was so important on magnetic disks is that once you have two applications accessing the disk at the same time you've effectively setup a scenario that resembles random access - because the drive head attempts to service both requests, jumping from one to the other. HDD's can manage 150MB/s, but at random they often drop to around 1MB/s.

SSD's on the hand drop from say 400MB/s down to 30MB/s, still a significant drop, but not nearly as severe, and a single SSD is still much faster than two magnetic disks for random/semi-random access.

I've read that some SSDs slow down after a year.

This only used to be a problem before TRIM was introduced with Window 7 and second generation (i.e. ~2010) SSD's. If you're using Windows 7 and a single SSD made 2011 or later you'll not see this problem. If you're using a RAID then you need even more recent hardware/software. Intel's RST drivers, version 12 introduced TRIM support on RAID-0, so you need to be sure you're using version 12.x if you've got a RAID array of SSD's. Otherwise, you're right, performance can get reduced in half after a certain amount of usage. Depending on the usage of the drives, and how full they are the time period will vary, but prior to TRIM I had to rebuild my arrays, after a secure erase every 4 months. (As I said, not the easy path!). Now TRIM is available on RAID this is no longer an issue.

My plan would be to put recently downloaded RAW files on the the OS & apps SSD and then moving them over to the data HDDs after a week or so after I had finished working on them. I assume having them on the SSD would be faster for generating previews, seeing any adjustments i do moving sliders in LR, rendering RAWs, Is this the type of activity that leads to degradation of SSD performance?--

Don't worry about it, if you have Win7, a single SSD, and it's a new one, it won't slow down significantly at all, that is until you fill it up beyond ~90%, then it might start slowing.


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