MFT shipments down

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Re: MFT shipments down

b534202 wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

Thom Hogan has an article on CIPA mirrorless shipments

Here are the quarter by quarter numbers:

  • Q1 2012: 1,043,846 units
  • Q2 2012: 882,783 units
  • Q3 2012: 876,919 units
  • Q4 2012: 1,456,054 units
  • Q1 2013: 603,532 units

How much from each quarter are MFT?

I'm just wondering how you can conclusively say that MFT shipments are down and then quote numbers for all mirrorless.

Indeed. What is known is that there has been some sort of mirrorles peaking even in Japan.

Hogan also made the prediction that smartphones would be the main factor in market saturation for all cameras.

All that I am assuming is that if markets are contracting, enthusiasts and pro will buy cameras getting more expensive, while others will drop out. There might be a segment that will keep using ILS as a status symbol.

The fact that DPR was split in two, with one part for phones, should have been an eye opener.

The implicit question of the OP seems to be: should we worry about the future of m4/3 (as any other system)?

This however would need other figures: how many years the whole of m4/3 has been in the red? Are ne entrants, such as Kodak, a sign that the system is viable, albeit with cheaper labour costs?

No simple answers really. The last time I read Hogan he remarked that 50% of the camera market is still held by two actors, while the next 50% by 11 - that would be mirrorless mainly. That's too many - so presumably some concentration is needed in mirrorless. M4/3 should stand a good chance of survival, although nothing is granted.

Global markets are still not so bullish to predict a fair future for what are essentially luxury goods. But I still believe that Asia will help.


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