SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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I know the difference.

$2999 - $1299 = $1700  Approx. difference in cost between 5DIII and OM-D with a kit lens just as an example. I think most people just get this.

950g - 425g = 525g  And the OM-D isn't the lightest or smallest mirrorless camera. I also think most people get the size difference.

The difference in IQ is harder to quantify, but the bottom line is that the OM-D is so much better than the 5DIII at being cheaper, lighter, and smaller while still providing fantastic IQ for 95% of shooting situations, that it's hard to disparage.

That said, for tilt-shift--5DIII and Canon in particular is way better. For capturing the milky way in Arches National Park on a cloudless night, the 5DIII spanks the OM-D. And if that's really what you want to do, then of course the FF is better for you. I don't think most people know these things though. Most people don't care. They just want to save a memory in some form and so they use their smart phones because it's easier to load their kid pix to basefook. Also, people who want better pictures, just buy camera with a name badge of Nikon or Canon because they don't really want to learn the pros and cons of formats--they just hope the camera will take better pictures for them, but the tech is intimidating to them, so they fuzz out when people like us start going on about format, diffraction, and equivalence. For most people, they just are not that much of a gear head to care.



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