D600 vs d7100

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Re: Not true, especially if you consider 3rd party options...

paulski66 wrote:

Grevture wrote:

Combining lenses like the (new or fairly new) 18-35/3.5-4.5, 24-85/3.5-4.5, the 28/1.8, the 50/1.8, and the 85/1.8 with a D600 produces a (potential) kit which is hard to beat for any roughly equivalent DX kit, both in terms of actual price and in terms of photographic usefulness.

The only lens that you can;t replicate in the above list is the 28 1.8; wide angle primes is the one area DX will fall short on every time.

But considering that the 35 f/1.8 and 50 f/1.8 replace (roughly) the 50 & 85,

you need 35 F1.4 on DX to replace 50 F1.8 on FX

you need 50 F1.4 on DX to to replace 85 F1.8 on FX (not actual compression and sharpness do not come close)

See the cost difference?

and any (cheaper) DX kit lens will replace the 24-85,

No you cannot. The closest is is 17-55 which cost over twice the price and has no VR. Sigma 17-50 OS is a good candidate but it is shorter and narrower and has potential AF issues with non-sigma bodies.

and that there are a number of very strong wide-to-ultra options for DX (Tokina 11-16 or 12-24, Nikon 12-24 and 10-24),

Only the Tokina 11-16 DX is about the same speed as 18-35 on FX. then you have 16-28 F2.8 for FX that just cannot be replicated on DX.

with the Tokinas costing a good bit less than the new Nikkor wide angle, I think you can assemble a low-price DX kit for less money than you can an equivalent DX kit.

Not for the same performance.

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