SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Not what it once was

Several years ago, there was a big difference between, say, an 8MP E500 and a 10mp 5D.

Today, I was just going over the D7100 review, so I pulled up the comparameter, put in the D7100, 600D, Sony A77, and EM5.

And you know what? There isn't a whole lot of difference between any of them, except for the A77 which was noticably noisier than the rest. The EM5 kept up with the larger sensor, for the most part.

You can say the comparameter isn't accurate, but five years ago, the difference was painfully obvious.

Today... the difference in sensor size, under typical circumstances, is best seen in DOF control. True that the larger sensor not only cuts DOF shallower, but the bokeh tends to be of a softer quality.

Conversely, this becomes an impediment when the focal length grows. Not only is the larger sensor at an AOV disadvantage, that shallow DOF becomes too shallow, forcing the photog to stop down purely to get enough DOF for the shot.

But, other than DOF control and AOV... the 'two stops' performance advantage is becoming irrelevant, as they're all more or less the same in situations that most of us would use them.

I was out shooting moon photos the other night with EM5+Nikkor 400 3.5+TCON301 2x TC, 800mm focal length or 1600mm AOV in FF terms. Almost didn't need to crop the shot, the moon filled over half the frame. But then it occurred to me - I was shooting with the 'equivalent' of a 64mp FF sensor, something you can't get at all today.

So it all comes down to what the individual needs - the much vaunted FF isn't the be-all end-all it was in the early days of digital photography.

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