Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

anthony mazzeri wrote:

fakuryu wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

I predict a FF mirrorless with a new mount, thats not really what i want, its what i predict.

It looks like it, and hopefully no and just stay with good old OVF

How do you arrive at a new mount from "different than anything else available today"?

There are several new mount systems available for years now already, so that's definitely not anything different.

Different than anything else available today. Does that literally mean any other cameras, or just other full frame DSLRs. If the former, whatever it is that will make the new Pentax FF special hasn't been done by anybody else already so will be difficult to guess until we see it.


I can't quite work out just why Pentax would want to make a camera that does not make back-compatibility to the venerable K mount.

Do we translate this as an evf camera body with new compact short flange back mount and a factory extension tube adapter to give K mount compatibility?

Something that the K-01 had the opportunity to do but missed the step completely.

Therefore - the K-01 might be dead.  But the technology that was developed might re-surface in a new body type complete with FF sensor.  Where this might leave the Ricoh GXR is the question - unless this whole unit comes with camera back and compatible mount rails.

Now that would be a "lego-kit" set of tricks worth getting really excited about.

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