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BTW, what kind of memory setup?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Here is the specifications of my computer so far, few things will be changed soon:

CPU: Intel i7-3930K

Motherboard: Gigabyte X79-UD5

RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 8GB 1600MHz

HDDrive: Samsung 840series 128GB + WD blue 500GB 7200 HDD [due to change/replacement]

GPU: Zotac GeForce GT 630 4GB [due to change/replacement]

Power: Omega ATX750W [i want to change it if it is not good enough]

Cooling: Corsair H60

Case: Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 VN700M1W2N

Missing is a sound card if needed or necessary.

Yep.. that's the video card model I suspected they were trying to sell you, as mentioned in this post, and you've now confirmed that my suspicions were accurate:

BTW, what kind of memory setup are they selling you?

Sandy Bridge E CPUs and chipsets like the system you bought prefer a quad channel memory setup.   For example, 4x2GB for 8GB total, 4x4GB for 16GB total, 4x8GB for 32GB total.

IOW, 8GB doesn't really tell us anything.   If that's 2x4GB, you're not taking advantage of the optimum bandwidth to the memory (as you'd need 4x2GB to get quad channel addressing with 8GB total).  Or, if you bought 4x2GB, you'd be using 4 slots for memory, wasting slots you could use to install more memory later.

That's not a huge deal.  But, I'm curious as to what they ended up selling you, as judging by the video card cost ($135 for a slow GT 630 from what I understand), you may be getting ripped off and paying too much for what you're getting in other areas, too.   For example, you could have bought a 4x4GB setup for 16GB total for under $100 and had quad channel addressing. too.

Look... I'm not trying to give you a hard time.  But, it sounds to me like you're focusing on the CPU type, without considering other potential bottlenecks in the system.   I'd look at the exact type of memory setup used (how many slots, is it optimized for better bandwidth with slots available for expansion later; what type of video card, etc.)

On the surface (judging by the cost of the video card they sold you), I'd be suspicious as to how many other areas they tried to cut corners in, too.

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