A great deal on an excellent location monolight...

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Waiting for an AC/DC pack & head kit...

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Ran it against the SB800 speed light.  The SB800 is Nikon's highest power unit.  The FP180 had maybe 1/3rd of a stop more power...not enough to make much of a difference.  The FP180's colors were considerably cooler as well.  I only compared full power.

All shots were with the speedlight or monolight behind the same umbrella.

The brightness of the scenes was about the same when shooting F9 with the FB180 and F8 with the SB800...about 1/3rd stop.

The FP180 is rated (didn't test) for 700 full power shots per charge while the SB800 gets about 150 from a set of NiMh's from what I've read.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping for another 1/3 stop or so, a 2 second recycle, and an AC adaptor for an always-on modeling light for portrait work. Alas. Since I've already got drawers full of hotshoe & handle-mount Metzes and Lumedynes, this doesn't offer me anything new. For someone who's just starting to assemble a portable studio kit, though, the FP180 looks like an interesting option, and it's a lot cheaper than a top-line speedlight. Not a bad product at all, just not what I need. Guess my best option is still an Alien Bees monolight for key light with modeling.

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The Flashpoint FP620M is a very good AC-DC monolight, and has a very sturdy build at a great price, and a good proportional modeling light, and recycles fast.  I think it's the real bargain in gear that can be used day after day.

Thanks for pointing that out. It does look like a handy unit, and the price is great. My only issue is the weight, since I do a lot of location work without an assistant. A heavy monolight requires heavy stands and booms, which makes the whole lighting kit much heavier.

One thing I like so much about the Lumedyne kit is the heads weigh just a few ounces. This allows me to use superlight Manfrotto Nano stands and the relatively lightweight Cheetah Boom stand, even with softboxes and other large light mods. I doubt my Cheetah Boom would hold a 4.5lb monolight and a medium softbox when fully extended.

I'm still waiting for an AC/DC kit in a pack & head configuration with AC-powered 150W or better modeling lights and small, lightweight heads. A Lumedyne kit with an AC supply almost does it, but the modeling light's only 50W, which ain't enough.

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'No matter where you go, there you are.'

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