Discovered the wonders of post processing!

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Re: Discovered the wonders of post processing!

I didn't want to shoot in RAW.

I only really got into photography a few months ago, and learning the ropes and reading up on it and practicing took a lot of time. The last thing I wanted to do was also shoot in RAW and convert every photo...

But I tried a few shots shot in RAW + JPG and processed each, and the RAW version came out noticeably better than the JPG each time.

So now I only shoot RAW. I process the best photos and leave most of the rest in RAW, or do a batch convert to JPG with a User Preset in Lightroom.

Yeah, it takes a little more time & effort, a little more (OK a lot more) hard drive space, and more learning as PP is a new skill to master. But it makes my photos that much better -- and saves some that would be unsalvageable in JPG (like I once handed the camera to someone to take a family pic, and they somehow accidentally hit the WB button and changed it to 2500K!).

I've noticed with photography that most people think getting a new camera makes your photos 100% better. ("Wow, great photos! Your new camera must be good! I should get one!") In reality, I've found that learning what I'm doing improved my photos by 25% (or more). The new camera improved them another 25%. Better lens was another 25%. Post-processing JPGs is another 25%. Shooting RAW then processing is another 25%. Altogether all those improvements add up to make much better photos. At least that's how it worked for me.

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