Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Re: Fuji Prices Are Too High.

mistermejia wrote:

Im i the only guy that think the prices are too high and will most of you here will defend those prices to remain high??  If this would be the case then might as well just buy the amazing and fast new D7100 for only $1199.

Hi Mr. Mejia,
It is only fair to say affordability is relative. IMO, X-Pro and X-E are certainly not cheap when there are competitions like NEX. On the other hand, the X's are seemingly a bargain compared to Leica in terms of price. We're talking about price only -- features and sensor size are also major factors.

Most importantly, I found it ridiculous that some people wanted the X's to do-it-all, which isn't necessary what Fuji has in mind. I will say this loud and clear -- "The X's are not meant to replace but to complement D/SLR." The X-Pro1 attempts to mimic the experience of shooting a rangefinder, and this either 1) puts off users who can't adjust to this or 2) challenges users who only previous shot D/SLR. Bottom line is, I would consider the X-Pro1 a different type of camera -- one that requires fundamental knowledge, skills, and creativity. On the other hand, the X-E1 never appeals to me because of its lack of OVF. I would recommend you trying them extensively and you decide whether the price is justified. As of today, I still think X's are expensive but not necessarily overpriced.

Instead of investing in the Fuji X-series, an alternative is to buy Nikon bodies. They would definitely have faster AF and you would not need to buy additional lenses. As for Fuji colour, you may consider various film simulation software.

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