BHS Portrait - 600mm (1 img)

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Chris Mak wrote:

brandrx wrote:

Bighorn sheep (BHS) portrait. Handheld Pentax K-5 + Sigma 2X APO EX DG + Sigma 300mm f2.8 APO EX DG, lens set to f4, 1/640s, ISO200

Hello Ron,

You seem to get some very good IQ with the Sigma 2.0tc and the sigma prime. You have gotten me interested in the Sigma 2x for use with the Sigma 500/4.5. I had more or less written the 2.0tc off, because I felt the IQ would suffer too much, but I now am having very good results with the 1.4tc, and your samples leave me in doubt. Did you try the 2.0tc with the 500/4.5? Is that also as good? Would be wonderful to have 1500mm eq. as an option.

Hi Chris,

I suggest you hold off for awhile for the 500/4.5 + 2X teleconverter. I am still in the testing mode of mine. I havn't had very good conditions to do my tests yet. My first tests, in not so good conditions, are not too good. I hope to get to it soon.

EDIT: BTW, according to some folks on PF and MightyMike of this forum, there seems to be some questions on the autofocusing ability of the 500/4.5 + 2X when used on a K-5 IIs (very bad) as compared to the K-5 (not too bad).



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