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Re: The Downing Survey ...

dinoSnake wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

dinoSnake wrote:

Please post your replies and thoughts on this topic, I could use feedback urgently.

Thank you!

Pathetic ploy.

Hi DM,

I think it's all about getting feedback info to get into an argument with Joe. No point in doing that as Joe will win. Looks a bit hit and run though at this stage, doesn't it?

DigiMatt summed up the medicine show many posts ago on an active Open Talk Forum thread where the OP continues to have every opportunity to attempt to reply directly to DigiMatt's post found here:

And yet, the point is I DON'T often respond.  I make up only a small number of replies to the threads on these topics, and will continue to do so.  I certainly DON'T feel that I must constantly have the last word, but I certainly DO want to hear others well as letting THEM have "the last word".

If the truth was otherwise, I'd be replying constantly to this thread.  The POINT of this thread was to let YOU - yes, YOU - say your minds about this topic.  Notice that I did NOT open the conversation with a statement of *my* personal thoughts?  And that I (tried) to word the question in a objective manner?

The posts here speak for themselves as to the topic of discussion.  What more can I / would I be able to add?  Nothing, thank you, so I'm shutting up.  When I constructed this topic I intended NOT post my personal thoughts on the subject inside this thread, and that's the way I intend to keep it.  It is all about YOU.

So keep posting guys (and gals), your own words will say it all.

That you at this point have little or nothing to say for yourself does not come as a surprise ...

Bear in mind this sobering clue surrounding how people judge their own "IQ":

One of the main effects of illusory superiority in IQ is the Downing effect. This describes the tendency of people with a below average IQ to overestimate their IQ, and of people with an above average IQ to underestimate their IQ .

Also bear in mind this sobering clue surrounding how people judge other people's "IQ":

His studies also evidenced that the ability to accurately estimate others' IQ was proportional to one's own IQ. This means that the lower the IQ of an individual, the less capable they are of appreciating and accurately appraising others' IQ. Therefore individuals with a lower IQ are more likely to rate themselves as having a higher IQ than those around them. Conversely, people with a higher IQ, while better at appraising others' IQ overall, are still likely to rate people of similar IQ as themselves as having higher IQs .

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