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very poor video card choice for your needs

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Here is the specifications of my computer so far, few things will be changed soon:

CPU: Intel i7-3930K

Motherboard: Gigabyte X79-UD5

RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 8GB 1600MHz

HDDrive: Samsung 840series 128GB + WD blue 500GB 7200 HDD [due to change/replacement]

GPU: Zotac GeForce GT 630 4GB [due to change/replacement]

Power: Omega ATX750W [i want to change it if it is not good enough]

Cooling: Corsair H60

Case: Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 VN700M1W2N

Missing is a sound card if needed or necessary.

Yep.. that's the video card model I suspected they were trying to sell you, as mentioned in this post, and you've now confirmed that my suspicions were accurate:

That card doesn't support SLI (so you can't add another card to that config in a dual card setup), and it's an older Fermi Design.  The Kepler based cards don't start until the GT 640.

Basically, I've got a $59 GT 440 with 1GB of GDDR5 that would probably outperform it (just because of the faster memory speed; as more memory makes very little difference; whereas the speed of the graphics memory does); as my $59 GT 440 has the same number of cores, basic architecture, etc. as that GT 630 (only my GT 440 has faster memory).  It's fine for HD video playback, etc..  But, it's *not* a gaming card.

If you have the option to replace it, I'd take advantage of that option, as it sounds like they're "ripping you off" by charging you $135 for that card (from what I gather from your previous posts about what it's costing you).

Look... that card would be fine for every day use as far as HD video playback, etc.

But, you specifically mentioned an interest in gaming in previous posts discussing options; and that is definitely *not* a card that's suitable for playing games at their highest settings (especially at higher resolutions).

It's an entry level card that's best used in PCs with low wattage PSUs that need a card that can run from PCIe bus power only; intended for non gaming purposes. That's the kind of card you'd want to buy if you're limited to a 350 Watt PSU without any ability to use separate power connections to a card; not a card you'd want to use to play games that demand a higher quality GPU setup.

IOW, if you're trying to spend a lot of money on a setup that's great for gaming purposes, that card is a *huge* bottleneck; and you're just wasting your money by buying a system with a CPU that fast and "crippling" it using an entry level video card like a GT 630.

You'd be better off buying an inexpensive Core i3 CPU setup for fraction of the cost of that system, and using a faster video card instead (e.g., a GT 660) versus trying to use a fast CPU and buying a slow video card like that GT 630 if you want a faster rig for gaming (as again, that video card is *not* suitable for running games at higher quality settings if you want acceptable frame rates).

Just look at reviews and benchmarks for it.   For example, it scored a 717 on the passmark series.  Note the very poor value for it in the bottom section.

Or, just google for GT 630 review and note how it works with modern games.  It's just not a suitable card for gaming purposes.

In contrast, something like a GT 660 scores at 4090 on the same benchmarks (almost 6 times as fast), and represents a great value:

Look at the reviews for those cards (just google for them), and you'll see what I mean.  A GT 630 is definitely NOT a gaming card.  Since your previous posts about building a new system expressed an interest in gaming, you're just wasting your money on a new system like you purchased if gaming is important to you.

Again, you'd be better off buying a cheap system with a slower Core i3 CPU and a GTX 660 (or slower GTX 650Ti, etc. for that matter), versus spending a lot of money on the latest and great Core i7 3930K with a very slow video card like the GT 630 if gaming is primary consideration.

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