D600 Battery aging already

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Steve Bingham wrote:

bills_pix wrote:

Steve I think you are confused on this one.

Actually, I understood perfectly what the OP was asking and gave two appropiate answers. A "1", or even a 2 or 3, might last the life of the camera. As the battery ages it will indeed take a slightly lower charge - resulting in fewer shots per charge.

Lithium-ion batteries do not have a charge memory. That means deep-discharge cycles are not required. In fact, it’s better for the battery to use partial-discharge cycles.

There is one exception.Batteryexperts suggest that after 30 charges, you should allow lithium-ion batteries to almost completely discharge. Continuous partial discharges create a condition called digital memory, decreasing the accuracy of the device’s power gauge. So let the battery discharge to the cut-off point and then recharge. The power gauge will be recalibrated.

The OP and others are commenting on the Battery Age (0-4) scale that is shown near the bottom of the LCD when you press MENU -> BATTERY INFO.  The scale at the bottom appears to be a reflection of how many years (months?) the battery will last.  It is NOT about how many shots on a charge one might get.

I think many of us are expressing a concern that the battery will not be usable in the camera based on how fast it is moving through the Battery Age scale, NOT the charge scale which if I recall correctly has 5 segments.  The Battery Age scale is a numerical scale of 0-1-2-3-4.

Try pressing the "?" button when the battery info is displayed and it says "When the battery age indicator reaches "4" the battery needs to be replaced."  That is our concern when many of us have never seen a battery go through this scale so rapidly.

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