200+ person group photo with the D800

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Re: 200+ person group photo with the D800


Technically, it is superb. Its great to see that the D800 (and thus the D800E - in the mail) can handle such a large group.

But the result is a catastrophe. As is expected when a company doesn´t hire a pro who knows what to do, and knows what to demand from the client.

200+ people is a lot to include in one shot. A shot like this takes a lot of planning and preparations, some helpers and a fair amount of time. Tripod is vital. Scaffold to get high enough.

Don´t get me wrong, you have done a nice job, given the circumstances.

If you ore anyone else gets in same situation, and are given some warning in advance, ask here and I will try to give some advice.

inferno10 wrote:

My company was celebrating a milestone, and wanted a group photo of the everyone working at the facility.  Turns out, we have over 200 employees.  I've never photographed a group this large before, so I did the best I could.  I decided to take the photo in a shaded area next to our facility.  There wasn't much space for me to back away from the group, so I used the widest lens I had, the 14-24 f/2.8 at its widest setting.  The sun was facing away from us, so I used a couple of Alienbee 1600s with 48" umbrellas to add some fill.

Despite going as far back as I could and using the widest setting, a couple people around the edges were cut off.  Some shorter people at the back were also obstructed, but I didn't have a lot of time to pose everyone.  Overall, I'm quite happy that I was able to capture the majority of the company.  The D800 really captured enough detail so that the ones in back can be clearly seen (as long as they weren't obstructed, LOL)

Funniest part of the picture is me.  I had no way to mount the camera to the ladder I stood on, so I took the photo of the company, meaning I wasn't included.  Luckily, I was able to get a fellow coworker to step up and take an additional photo with myself included (I'm on the bottom left).  Turns out that the photo with me cropped out way more people, so I ended up photoshopping myself from that photo into the shot I took.  If you look closely, you'll notice I suck at Photoshop.

- Jason

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