16MP sensor improvements?

Started Apr 24, 2013 | Questions thread
Guy Parsons
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Interruption to this broadcast....

Hey, who worries about where diffraction happens, the main thing is to get the depth of field required for the shot. Better DOF with some detail loss looks nicer than shallow DOF with sharper details, particularly in macro shots.

Anyway, the 16MP sensor delivers a so much better image than the 12MP sensor that even when both diffracted to blazes at f/16 the 16MP sensor delivers a better looking image than the 12MP sensor can.

I am not about to waste time by setting up E-PL1/E-P3/E-PL5 and proving it to anybody. I just see it in everyday shots, though I never really wander much smaller than f/8 except down to f/11-16 for macro only.

For me the E-PL1 used to be the greatest camera in the world, then I bought the E-PL5 and the E-PL1 is left in the dust, just a whole new world of results and ease of use.

So, Tedolf, do yourself (and us) a favour and go buy the E-PL5 and see what you think, for me it was a spectacular upgrade from E-PL1 (and E-P3).

Regards...... Guy

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