Extension Tube or Macro Lens?

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Re: Extension Tube or Macro Lens?

GaryR60 wrote:

Were those with a close-up lens kit (+1, +2, +4) or a 2-element close-up lens?

As noted in my post, pictures #1, #2 and #3 used a standard lens plus an add-on close-up lens. Those add-on lenses are achromats, the Raynox is a 3 elements in 2 groups, I am not sure about the details for the Marumis, but they are at least 2 elements.

Pictures #3 and #4 were shot with dedicated legacy macro lenses.

I am not sure the result with add-on lenses on the Sony 16mm will be satisfactory to you... it wouldn't be for me. Here is a sample I just shot, hand held, the MFD is about 8cm :

Sony 16mm f2.8 + Marumi DHG 200 (+5)

The close-up lens used is a 5 diopter, and the result on the 16mm is good IQ wise but the magnification is very low. The MFD was reduced from 24cm to about 8cm, which explains the poor gain in magnification.

As you could see in my earlier post, the result is much better with longer focal lengths, such as 50mm.


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