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Re: MFT shipments down....Not!

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

1. Panny and Oly have stated their major releases/announcements would be in April as this was the best month to launch.

2.Headline extremely misleading... It's mirrorless  sales "down"

My mistake

which would include Nikon 1 and Eos M which might have bombed and the Nex  might of slowed.It stays nothing about mft sales!

Highly unlikely that MFT shipments aren't down. At best, your comment should have been titled possibility not, since you have no idea if your interpretation is true. Since the EOS-M wasn't even shipping a year ago it obviously can't explain why March 2013 shipments were only 58% as large as March 2012. (FYI, the EOS-M double kit lens is currently the best selling mirrorless camera configuration in Japan )

3. The EM-5 has only previewed in March 2012 and didn't start shipping until late April 2012 ie the 2nd quarter.Similar story for the GX1

Then why did shipments decrease from March 2012 to April 2012? Based on your logic, one would expect them to have increased.

4.Units shipped isn't the same as sales,

Obviously, but you can't sell more than you ship (unless you can unload excess inventory).

also the figures might reflect tighter stock control, also the figures do not reflect average selling price( which now might be higher now because the V1 and J1 are no longer being sold at "fire sale" prices, PENs are being less discounted and Fuji,Oly and Panny are concentrating more on the enthusiasts and semi-pro market)

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