D7100 or K-5IIs

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Ben O Connor
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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs...... OR K-30 ?

mistermejia wrote:

Ben O Connor wrote:

I am also asking the smilar questions , but for a different camera; K-30

it has dream features for me, on video sides it downs a bit. But i still dont know, is it " a bad video recorder"  or "bad video shower" platform. Forexample, Nikon 7100 review, it got 85 points (its even more than D800, and its the top of any camera i dream from nikon) but they still don´t recommend it for video.

A cam which has built in stereo mic, has a mic socket, has a headphone possibility with HDMI possibility, does not  recommended to videographer... so i should not worry about it too much i guess. Better to buy a gopro, or sony action cam, and attaching it do down of the pentax K-30 via its tripod grid i guess...

I also check these photo comparison on, nikon 7100, canon 60D and pentax k-30 and my p&s olympus XZ-1 i genuenly can say, k-30 is the best, and oly bring the second best in both raw and jepg (up to iso 400) and up to iso 3200 pentax shines the top and olympus xz-1 dissapears.

Anyway, I still believe that k-30 and whole pentax lens family is nice and affordable for my neccesities, I am just waiting for some possible K-30s, and wish to see a wi-fi capabilites and HDMI inlet to show my footage on LCD tv´s directly to family and friends etc. I am not a fan of GPS thing, why would i want to share things without my control ? Maybe i will take some under thread creature´s foto in the wilderness nd don´t want to share further info than "its appearance!" anyway, wifi would be nice to use it from 200 metres far as a remote trigger etc.

If you are on a tight budget (as i am) and want to have flexibility (real weather sealed, don´t have carry batteries all the time, go to remote village grocer on the Tibet and find AA batteries and located to your cam and keep using it in next 300 shots!) Pentax K-30 is the Answer.K-5 IIs must be a dream land compare to Nikon D7000 or D7100


Hi Ben, i am also shopping around for something new and different and i am still trying to stay open for a diffeent brand.  Recently i sold my nikon D7000 and bought Fuji S5.  Can you explain more and provide more details as to why you have said that you "genuenly can say K30 is best"?  What makes this camera best?  I thought K5IIs was the best?  It looks like you have already compared different brand photos, so what makes the K30 the best?

For a while now i have been reading really good things about pentax in general, but the other day i went to my local Samy's Camera store i asked them about pentax and the guy just laughed at me and he said nobody buys pentax stuff, although they do sell them there.  I guess it is true what i have read in this forums here, that pentax doesn not "advertise" their stuff very well, and apparently, they don't sell very well either.  I wonder how they stay in business.

The D7100 looks like is really kicking ass, but i personally "preffer" Fuji for its colors, but their newer modern cameras are just too slow for me for what they cost.  I would like to hear more from you.


More camera for your money , is pentax K-30. I

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