Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Disagree ... while using strobe(s)   will get you better shots I have taken hundreds of pics at depths down to 40m without strobes.

OK you get the dreaded CYAN cast ... but Photoshop can help a lot to resolve.

I started with a large camera, in an Ikelite Housing, added strobes, WA wet lens etc ..... then realised that it was all getting in the way of enjoying my diving.

To much kit.

I dive to enjoy underwater ... and taking pics is secondary.

I then swapped to a compact ... and have continued that way.    I have camera clipped to my BCD ... when I see something nice I video it, or take a pic, rest of dive it hangs there out of the way.

Just sold my Fuji F31fd underwater system ... and going to buy RX100 ....  with Mieke Housing.

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