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Re: What I Like on D200 & D300

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I really like the D200 and D300. I compromise on the size and weight as I prefer an optical viewfinder and the controls on the nikon D200 and D300.  There have been too many times where the screen on the back of cameras is not visible in bright light.  Also the Sony Nex is not good as the D300 at auto focussing in low light. Am not fond of the Sony Nex menu system and buttons, though this is probably due to lack of practice.  I would possibly buy a Sony Nex, other than I have invested in Nikon and do not want to have to invest so much again, all at one time.

My point was that I'm better off with two cameras a D300 and NEX.  One optimized for max IQ, low light, action shooting - the other optimized for small and portable, but still a very quality sensor.

What lens you use on NEX to call it 'portable'?

It's all relative to what you're comparing it to   Almost anything you put on a NEX is small/lightweight compared to my D300 + 17-55 f/2.8 which is what I previously carried on major hikes.  I'm probably going to carry a kit zoom and a Sigma prime for the NEX.  Total weight is a fraction of what I've previously carried with my D300.

I can clip the NEX to my backpack strap with the right attachment accessory and have it instantly available, yet hands free.

The NEX isn't pocketable, but I consider it's lighter weight and smaller bulk (compared to the D300) to be a huge improvement, but since the NEX is APS-C, it's got pretty nice sensor performance (even better than my D300 because it's a much newer generation design).

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