Between Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-P3

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ttan98 wrote:

I bought my EP-3 for $345 and a current new EPL5 costs $700, on hind sight should I pay extra $355 to gain an extra stop and 1 DR, and a few extra features, maybe and maybe not, I choose the latter, I don't regret it, because I have Sony 5n to take low light images...

I see you are in Melbourne, well, the best Aussie price for an E-PL5 body seems to be $588.06 from free mail order from Melbourne. They are buyers from Olympus Australia so the two year Oly Australia warranty is good there.

I bought my body from from their Sydney store, combining after-Christmas sales price with OS trip to get the GST refunded brought it down to $510.90

But the whole point is to not be in a hurry and wait for the price slide that always happens when a new model appears or is about to appear. In my case though this time, I wanted the E-PL5 features so for the first time bought at sort of regular prices.

Comparing my E-P3 or E-PL1 results to the E-PL5 - well, it's really different in the shadows and at higher ISO, for me worth the upgrade ahead of the price drop, but sensible people would wait a bit longer. If a pixel peeper then the daylight noise content is so much less in the E-PL5 shots at ISO 200. The new sensor just works so much better.

Anyway, it's saving me money as the kit lenses work so much better on the E-PL5 that I don't see the urgent need to seek out primes for lower light conditions.

The way I rate it I guess, all Pens & E-M5 = nice, except that the E-PL5 is nicest, mainly for me because of the MySets to Mode dial thing plus the ability to use OIS in unswitched lenses plus the "permanent" smaller focus point. The better results from the sensor are just a really nice bonus. I actually bought it for the ease of use factor and not primarily for the new sensor. The MySets on the Mode dial has now made the E-PL5 such an easy and convenient camera to use.

Regards...... Guy

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