SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Ergo607 wrote:

Lay it to rest. There is no way you can win this dissuasion, and frankly I don't come to this forum to read about this silly discussions.

This I agree with 100%.

If you want my short answer: I knew about the strengths (!) and weaknesses of the MFT format.

Like any camera system m43 has strengths and weaknesses just like APS-C, FF, and MF.

If you want the long answer: I am a salesperson, and by definition 90% of the people don't have a clue what they are buying into. More so if they are C*n*n or N$k$n users. Because it takes courage to buy into a system that is less popular, you will find more informed people in the FT/MFT world. That said: there is no such thing as full frame, because by the very definition of it, there is no lens that I know of that uses the whole frame of the sensor (quite rightly so, because it would have severe vignetting.) Probably the least informed people buy 135mm format anyway, because they have the money, don't know what the are buying, but because they can and because they want to show off they buy a 135mm format camera. Sth like most people who buy an iPhone: they don't know sh*t what it can do, but they buy it to stand out in the crowd...

So all the professionals and advanced amateurs who shoot FF don't know anything about the photographic gear they are purchasing?  You cannot honestly believe that.  All the FF users I know, the wedding photographers, nature shooters, landscape photographers, portraitist, who use FF do so to leverage the tangible performance gains in IQ, and the unparalleled lens selections from the widest of the wide angle lenses to the longest super telephotos.  Let's face it, there are only two complete SLR systems in all of photography that offer every kind of lens - fisheyes, UWA, fast wide primes, f2.8 normal zooms, tilt-shift lenses, macro lenses in 3 focal lengths - 50, 100, 200 - pro grade telephoto zooms, pro-grade super telephotos, matching teleconverters, extension rings, wireless flash systems, etc.

And those two camera systems are Canon EF and Nikon F.  They are popular, not because their users don't know any better, but because they offer complete camera systems to a great extent than any other camera company in the world.  This is a fact.  They are popular because they offer so much at exceedingly high quality.  It's a simple as that.  If it makes people feel better to characterize their users as "stupid" or "clueless", then so be it.  But you are kidding yourselves.

I use some m43 gear (and also own a FF DSLR) and I like it very much, but for the life of my I cannot understand these almost daily kinds of "let's prove our worth by trashing FF users as stupid" or "we don't need no stinkin" shallow DOF" threads are becoming irritatingly redundant and they actually seem to show a lack of confidence than anything else.

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