MFT shipments down

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Re: MFT shipments down

Neurad1 wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

Thom Hogan has an article on CIPA mirrorless shipments

Here are the quarter by quarter numbers:

  • Q1 2012: 1,043,846 units
  • Q2 2012: 882,783 units
  • Q3 2012: 876,919 units
  • Q4 2012: 1,456,054 units
  • Q1 2013: 603,532 units

Do you know a place where they report orders? I'd like to get an idea about the demand for a couple of cameras I'm considering (Fuji X100s, Ricoh GR V) that are currently out of stock or not yet released but available for pre-order. I need one by June 1, and am not going to bother if either won't be available until after that...I realize neither of these are M43...

I can speak for the GH-3 and pre-orders with B&H for example.  If you want an item that can be pre-ordered do it today. They only authorize your card which is reducing your credit line/limit. You are charged once it ships.

I pre-ordered the GH-3 about a week after it was announced and it still took maybe 60 days to get that first delivery.

B&H until fairly recently the GH-3 has not been "in stock" it went from pre-order to backorder quickly.

Many pre-ordered the camera from B&H and Amazon and just canceled the pre-order at the other place.

You are getting in line to get the camera that most likely will be hard to get for a while.

I'm waiting to see what happens with the Xpro-2 as I decide what to do or not do with my GH-3 set-up.

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